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I was going to make my next blog a picture blog of things people carry on their head but, I not taken enough pictures. So that is something for you to look forward to in the future. I have actually not taken very many photos yet. I have been living in the moment and enjoying each experience, instead of hiding behind a camera lens.

I have a plan to travel to Asamankese at the end of October to spend a day with the children and meet with the teachers after the children have gone home. I am looking forward to seeing the children and teachers again! I have a bunch of new songs and some other fun activities prepared for the day. I have probably planned too much for 1 day but, it means that I will have ideas ready for a second visit and/or things I can leave for the teachers.

Life in Accra has been going well. I have been volunteering at a school here. I find that the students and school that I have been volunteering at in Accra is not as “needy” as the school in Asamankese but, think that I have found ways to support the school and students. God is helping me do great things for this school and I am looking forward to sharing more about what I am doing in the future.

Today while I was walking to a shop I came upon a group of children that were dancing around and playing with clear plastic bags on their heads. The bags were covering their faces. I crossed the street to go and talk to them. They were having so much fun but I had to stop them. I told them that it was not safe for them to put the bags over their faces. I explained to them that it could stop them from breathing. I asked them if there was another safer way for them to play with the bags. They thought about it for a while and they did not come up with an idea. I asked them if they could think about away to make the bags in to a ball so that they could play football. We tried but we discovered that we needed something to keep the bags in a ball shape. I told them I was on the way to the shop and I would see if I could get some tape or elastics. They were so excited! I proceeded to the shop but unfortunately the shop did not sell tape or elastics. I asked a few people around the shop if they knew of somewhere close by that would sell either tape or elastics. I was pointed in the direction of another shop but, was disappointed when all they had was glue. How was I going to go back and tell the children that we could not make the ball? I knew how disappointed I was and could only imagine how they would feel. I made my way back towards the alley where I had seen the children. As I was walking plotting out how I was going to tell them that I was unsuccessful at finding what we needed to make the ball I spotted a man selling balls at the side of the road. I bought 3 balls and was excited to get back to the alley. When I got back to where the children were they were beyond thrilled to see the balls. They thanked me and ran off to play with them. I watched them as they played for a while and then left. I wanted to teach them to be resourceful and make a toy with what they had but, that did not work. However, in the end the children are now playing with some balls instead of plastic bags on their heads. It is strange but, the man selling the balls kind of seemed to appear out of nowhere. The street I was on has a few shops but not a lot of people selling things and this was the first street vendor that I have seen selling balls. God brought me to the alley where the children were today and I bet God put the man selling balls there too. When you are able to realize the way God is using you to do his work it is magical!

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