New Re-entry Resource for Short-Termers

Unearth: Exploring a Land with No Name, by Christy Vidrine and Autumn Rogers. Waukegan, Illinois: Plethora Publishing, 2008, 94 pages. US$8.99; bulk discounts available.

Being a missionary can sound glamorous until you find yourself in the thick of culture shock, team conflict, and burnout. After such experiences, even short-term missionaries return home hoping for a reprieve from the intensity they felt overseas - only to find the challenges of reentry just as great.

Vidrine and Rogers, former college roommates whose first adventure together was a semester abroad, have participated in 21 mission trips between the two of them. Both have worked for mission agencies, training and leading short-term teams and walking with others through struggles such as they experienced themselves. They wrote Unearth to acknowledge the chaos of reentry and encourage participants to persevere.

The strength of this book is in its fresh, contemporary voice - it has a postmodern feeling that should speak well to a younger generation. Pioneers USA is putting copies in the hands of all its returning summer missionaries this year. Get more details and read an excerpt on the book's website, here.

I have bought these in bulk, imported them into Canada, and they are available for order through us here.