My flight to Ghana

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The empty seat and I

I am typing this blog on board my flight from London to Accra.
I had a hard time saying good bye to my family yesterday. There were lots of tears and for a second I reconsider going through the door for security. I have been planning this trip for way to long. Plus 2 weeks ago when I thought I would have to postpone this trip I was devastated. I am so glad to finally be on my way.
On my flight from Toronto to London I was hoping to get some sleep. That did not work out too well. You see when I sat down in my aisle seat (which I had chosen when I checked in for my flight online at home). I was asked by a boy (probably 13 or 14 years old) if I would switch seats with him so that he could seat with his parents. I really wanted to say no because his seat was one of the middle seats in a group of 4. I hate those seats!! I feel trapped and it’s hard to get comfortable. I decided to make the switch. The family was thankful. I tried to get myself as comfortable as possible. Once I was ready the older lady sitting next to me loudly tells her husband “As long as everyone keeps to there own space we will be fine”. I did my best to ensure I did not move to much or that my blanket did not intrude on anyone’s space. I think I was pretty successful. Unfortunately for the person behind the lady next to me, they kept hitting her chair. Let’s just say I am glad I was not that person. The lady continued to complain about every little thing for the rest of the flight. I was so uncomfortable for that whole time between the seat, the cramp in my leg, being squished and the lady seated next to me. I was ready for that flight to be over only 15 minutes after taking off. I decided to pray. I prayed that the time on the plane would go by quickly, I prayed that I would not have to feel the wrath of the lady sitting beside me, I prayed for the lady sitting next to me that she would feel God’s love and I prayed that God would bless me with a good seat on this flight. I knew I had reserved a window seat on this flight and was looking forward to being able to lean on the window and hopefully get some sleep. As the boarding was happening I found my seat. Slowly everyone settled into their seats. In the meantime I was quietly hoping that no one was going to sit down in the seat next to me. I was watching people like a hawk. The feeling of excitement crept over my body when the plane started moving and I realized on this very packed plane there was one empty seat and it was next to me!!! I felt like the luckiest person on the plane!!! It goes to show you that prayer works even when praying for something simple like a good seat on an airplane. As for the grumpy lady from my first flight when we were exiting the plane I told her that “I hope you have a great day and God bless”. She smiled, she actually smiled!

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