Mission Myth #9

Myth #9 - God Only Uses Americans and Other Westerners (like Canadians!)

by Shane Bennett (an American 🙂

Perhaps this is less myth than practical assumption. God has gifted Americans generally with a sense that we can overcome problems and accomplish worthwhile goals. It might go without saying that this gift has been unwrapped and used to whack our siblings on the head more times than I care to count. I'll say it anyway, just so you non-Americans hear that we Americans (at least some of us) acknowledge and regret this.

Being gifted thusly by God, we can sometimes think we're the only ones concerned about God's global kingdom. When we venture to other countries (maybe yours!), we might think that God arrives when we do. We're pretty sure he wasn't here before we showed up!

One of the most hopeful trends of my young life is the growth of the church and the embrace of God's purposes for all nations from the global east and south. God is increasingly raising up mission efforts from Africa, South America, and across Asia. Praise God for you, our brothers and sisters, who are joining or re-joining this great global cause.

See also: The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity (and other works) by Philip Jenkins.