Mission Myth #8

Myth #8 - All Mission Effort Has the Same Strategic Value

by Shane Bennett

Say we limit "missions" to work done for Jesus in a different culture. Should we then further distinguish value among different mission work? This is a dicey business and not for the faint of heart. Therefore, let me defer to my friend Rick, in Michigan, as he shares some of his frustration with this myth and myth number six.

"I think the unstoppable myth in our congregation (so far, anyway) is that there is really no difference between shoveling my neighbor's sidewalk, doing relief work in the slums of Manila, and planting churches among unreached people. So of course in the absence of direct supernatural revelation from God, most people reach for the snow shovel. There is no consensus at all for the priority of frontier missions, and not much idea that the gospel has a purpose beyond making us nicer people who help other people to be nicer too."

The value you place on a certain activity rises or falls based on the goal you're shooting for. One of things I appreciate about Perspectives is its emphasis on starting something among all people groups. (See core ideas 10 and 11 here.)

If that is our goal, we prioritize the least reached and the unengaged.