Mission Myth #6

Myth #6 - It's Just One More Thing

by Shane Bennett

Perhaps arising from the previous myth, this idea places missions on the same level as the rest of the ongoing duties of a church. What do you think? I live for the least-reached peoples, so let me admit, I could be a little biased in calling this a myth. I'm with twentieth-century theologian Emil Brunner on this one, "The church exists for mission as a fire exists for burning."

I don't know what Dr. Brunner meant when he said "mission." Perhaps he would vehemently disagree with my take on the next myth. What I do like is a challenge to think about what Church is all about. What is the Church and what is its purpose? This is a huge discussion. But I think it's about more than simply making sure we obey Hebrews 10:25; it's about being and extending the Kingdom of God. Missions is somehow key to the very purpose of the Church.