Mission Myth #4

Myth #4 - It's All About Money

by Shane Bennett

I raise support to fund my work and family. Maybe you raise support too. It's been a part of the missions process for a long time.

Unfortunately, we seem to have given the impression that supporting missions is mostly about money. Mainly by saying things like this: "You, Lou and Sue in the pew, should give me your money, in smallish but regular doses."

Since most missions efforts (at least as we approach them now) require money, how do we do what needs to be done and dispel this myth at the same time? One option is to only allow half of us to raise support. (Hmmm, which line do you want to be in?) Lately I've taken to challenging people to think in huge ways about how God might give them funds to pass on to missions efforts. "Imagine in 15 years you have the capacity to write a check for $12 million to endow a mission agency..." Other times I just breeze right over the money question. I'll say, "Anyone can give money. What about your skills? What about your life?"

We who raise money to fund our ministry habit need grace and wisdom in this area. Maybe we need some new thinking as well. A friend and I are working on an article and maybe a book about how missionaries raise money all wrong.

Matt: If you have thoughts about that, or about any of these myths, feel free to toss in your $0.02 worth!