Mission Myth #2

Myth #2 -Missions Means Going Overseas, Planting Churches

by Shane Bennett

My friend and teammate Jon Hardin makes this apt and wry observation:

"Many people have the sense that at the end of a missions event, there will be two doors out of the room. You must choose one as you depart. Over the first door a banner reads, 'Future overseas church-planting missionaries.' If that is you, you walk out that door to the polite applause and eternal awe of the rest. Over the other door a banner reads, 'Loser. Attend this event again!' If that's you, you know what to do."

There are dozens of main avenues of involvement in missions, and alternate routes as varied as the people who love Jesus. Yet many people in church seem to have an unspoken sense that being involved in missions means something like going to Africa to preach and plant churches. If people can't imagine themselves doing that (and most believers can't), then they revert to myth number one: God doesn't use people like me.

As mobilizers we've got to find ways to help people see the myriad of buy-in points for joining what God is doing cross-culturally. My favorite wake-up call is for women who've managed a household and raised children to adulthood. They've developed skills in the accomplishment of those tasks that could bring great help and hope to young missionary families. Let's help them do that.

Matt: Any other ways we could be “missional” without getting on a plane or digging a hole for a new church?