Mission Myth #10

Myth #10 - God Has Given Up on Americans / Westerners

by Shane Bennett (an American 🙂

Conversely, some believers consider the growth of the non-western church and the decline of the church in many Western lands as an indication that God no longer uses people like Americans/Westerners. Or maybe he primarily wants to use our financial resources to fund the work of others. Two things: God certainly wants Westerners to use their financial resources to further his work. Even with the scary economic situation (The Dow closed down over 400 points while I was writing this!), Americans/Wseterners are still among the richest people on the planet. As we have been given much, we are expected to give much.

Secondly, God is free to use whoever he wants, however he wants. His decisions in this regard are often surprising and puzzling for us. Our role is to think carefully about what God is doing and how we might best join in. Sometimes that means writing a check for a budding mission agency in Eritrea. Other times that means writing a cheque for a passport application, a plane ticket, immunizations, and an Arabic phrasebook!