Mission Myth #1

I receive a regular e-magazine called Mission Catalyst from the great people at Take It Global. To subscribe to this e-mag, click here. I highly recommend it!

A few weeks ago, they sent out an e-mail taking on some common mission myths. I want to cover some of them over the next few blogs. The main content contributor is Shane Bennett.

Myth #1 - Only Extraordinary People Need Apply

"God is only looking for little Jesuses or Pauls to carry his love to other cultures. If you're normal, you don't measure up. If you missed a quiet time this year, forget it. Don't bother dreaming about learning a foreign language if you said a swear word in your own language last week!"

Now, it's my hunch that some people embrace this because it gets them off the hook. "I'm not good enough, so God can't use me. Dang," followed by, "Whew, that's a relief." Others though, disqualify themselves with sadness and regret. They honestly wish God could use them, but realize that he's looking for better raw material.

Certainly, God has used some extraordinary people in the Bible and history: Deborah and Solomon, Dr. Luke and Dr. Livingstone come to mind. But the guest-list is also packed with misfits: Gideon, Rahab, Peter, and Balaam's donkey. If that beast qualifies to speak for God, maybe a lot of the rest of us do as well.

I think our mobilizing energy could often be better used helping people see that God wants to use them, rather than arguing that missions is important, valid, and good.

Matt: Hard to disagree!