Life: Just Add Water

I'm excited to announce that The STMnetwork has a new partner! Our partnership with the people at The Life Campaign means more integrated and organic STM opportunities for your groups. Interested in pairing a development initiative with your next STM trip?

The Life Campaign is a way for the youth of Canada to involve themselves in social justice as well as sharing the good news of Jesus globally. Life is the name of the ongoing project – and Just Add Water is our goal for the present time. With Just Add Water it is our aim to raise $250,000.00 in 2008 for digging water wells in 11 countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Check out this video:

We are beginning a dialogue with The Life Campaign on how we could best engage STM teams in connection with Life: Just Add Water.

A number of groups are already asking if they can help with putting wells in.
A number of groups are already asking if they can go to work where the wells are.

The STMnetwork is an important next step piece for Life – in that we want people to be able to touch what they are doing – in conjunction with our missionaries.

Stay tuned for new details to be released on this project in the coming months!

Interested in reading more about The Life Campaign? Check out the official Life Campaign site here!

Want to talk about connecting Life: Just Add Water with your next STM trip? Send an e-mail to infoATstmnetworkDOTca!