Liability & Insurance

Critical information on STM liability issues:

In the past few years, the popularity of short-term mission trips has increased tremendously. With the number of churches and individuals travelling around the world on the rise, the risks of accidents, injury, and even death while on STM are becoming more commonplace.

The reality is that when a church takes a group of people on a trip anywhere, they set themselves up as the experts. Because of this, a church and it's leadership may never be fully released from liability. Still, there are crucial elements in doing due diligence and informing participants of the inherent risks. At the very least, covering these bases will discourage frivolous claims.

There are 5 items a team leader should always be covering with each team member:

  1. Signed waivers of liability
  2. Signed papers of Informed Consent
  3. Optional permission of parent or guardian
  4. Proof of first party out of country medical insurance
  5. Maintaining Informed Consent (you may be liable if you 'could' have or 'should' have known about changes in risk)