Global Volunteers


Are you an individual, couple or family looking to spend 2-24 months overseas?

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Amazing Hosts

Connect with some of the world's greatest missionaries and go learn alongside them while supporting them in their work. Grab your passport!

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Expert Training

Learn from experienced coaches, trainers, and other Global Volunteers. Training is done online, and reviewed in groups on video calls.

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Reliable Support

Besides getting excellent pre-departure training, we also help with budgets, insurance, visas, fundraising, promotion, and an online donor portal.

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Re-Entry Care

Once back home, the mission may feel behind you, but that's when we do our best work: caring for you on re-entry. Your future in mission matters to us.

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Where in the world can I go?

Anywhere we have a willing host, and your passport allows. Your wings already exist - all you have to do is fly. The world is waiting for you...

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How much does it cost?

Fair question. Our best answer is: "It depends". Each destination is different based on flights and living costs. You can bank on approx. $800/month, give or take.

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Can I fundraise for my trip?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage you to give others a chance to pay for your mission. All donor funds raised go directly in to your mission account with us.

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Will my donors get tax receipts?

It would be criminal if they didn't! No, literally...we'd go to jail. With tax receipts, donor confidence goes up and usually their donations do too.

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What's included in the training?

What isn't? From preparing yourself, to understand "them", surviving the culture shock cycle, and working with the poor...we got you covered! Training requirements (and therefore costs) vary, and will be discussed during your interview.

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How long can I go for?

You can volunteer for up to 2 years (as per Canada Revenue Agency). After that we're either moving you to payroll or asking you for proof of your retirement!

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Global Volunteer Testimonials

  • I don't think I will ever be able to express just how much I appreciate you, Irislee and Matt. Whether it be pre-trip Skype calls, in country check-ins where I rambled and rambled but you were there to listen and support and love. I really believe that my 6 months in Tanzania would have been drastically different without your support and encouragement. I guess I just want to say thank you. Thank you for doing what you do, I have experienced first hand the marvelous impact you have on volunteers and their experiences overseas. I will forever be thankful for you!
    Emily Arseneau, Global Volunteer, Village of Hope - Mwanza, Tanzania
  • Thanks again for the great Skype debrief meeting. Always so insightful to hear from others' experiences and the 'professionals'. I wanted to give each of you a HUMONGOUS thank you! I so, so appreciate all of your time, energy, answers to many questions, extra effort, patience, and more patience that you gave to make this possible. Our training really taught me a lot and I'm so grateful for all of you and everything you do. You guys are amazing...God bless you!
    Breanne Pierce, Global Volunteer to El Salvador and Honduras
  • Do we really need to go through all of this training?!? I found out we really do, thanks very much!
    Giangrosso Family - Global Volunteers to El Salvador
  • This training made my trip for me. Learning and being challenged to open up my world view has changed me forever, for the better. I'd love to just go through it every year with or without an upcoming trip!
    Natalie Latham, Global Volunteer to Uganda
  • The training I've gotten for my upcoming year overseas has been very thought provoking and enlightening. I feel better equipped to handle the adventure awaiting me. Thank you STM Network!
    Tracey Wood, Global Volunteer to Malawi
  • Going to another culture is difficult, frustrating, and has plenty of opportunity for harm. STM Network helps make you conscious of your mistakes, so that you hopefully don't repeat them.
    Jonah Clifford, Global Volunteer to Thailand
  • I had a GREAT experience with the STM Network's mission volunteer process! I thought the support was fantastic and felt that it was very beneficial, and have and will continue to tell people about it, and encourage them to go the STM Network route. Matt was a great facilitator and made this process easy.
    Jessica Randell, Global Volunteer to Senegal
  • I really enjoyed having Matt as my backup. He was easy to talk to and very supportive during the entire process of the trip. Previously I have been on trips with a different organization and have noticed huge difference with STM Network and how organized and helpful they are, even upon return. The family I was placed with was the perfect fit for me and the people I interacted with through STM Network were amazing & quick to respond. I will definitely be doing more missions through STMN!
    Rachel Lederman, Global Volunteer to Guatemala
  • Mark, we often speak with fondness of you and the work you did with and for us. ¬†Very special memories indeed.
    Dave & Ann Brace, Global Volunteers to Zambia
  • The truth of the matter is, if it wasn't for Matt who helped me talk through a lot of the issues I was experiencing, I don't think I would've made it...not with my sanity at least.
    Kelvin Chan, Global Volunteer to Thailand