Common Excuses for Not Getting Involved – #2

by Shane Bennett

Excuse #2 - Limited resources: "We can't afford it."

If ever this was a valid argument, it is today. I'm writing amid news of what may seem the scariest global economic situation since the Great Depression. I wonder how our church will meet its missions budget, and what to budget for next year. As a worker supported by donations, I'm also wondering about my personal funding base.

But even now, this excuse simply does not hold water.

I think this argument usually refers to money. "We don't have money to give to cross cultural efforts." It could also refer to people. "We don't have sufficient leaders to send some far away." David's opening line in Psalm 24 seems to torpedo both: "The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it." All the people. All the stuff. It's God's. He's not worried about running out of either.

Because tossing out Psalm 24, wiping my hands, and walking away feels a little smug and trite, let me add: It is my belief and experience that sharp people and generous financing rally to great vision. If the potential of the thing is huge and fascinating and important enough to us, then yes, we can afford it.

Is this an accurate use of scripture? What are passages would you bring to bear on this excuse? Have you experienced situations in which you would say this excuse was actually a valid reason?