BONUS! You Witnessed.

Kelantan, one of the most Islamic states in Malaysia, approved legal changes to increase the penalty for trying to convert a Muslim to another faith.

Persons accused of sharing their faith with Muslims may now receive six strokes of the cane, five years in prison (increased from two years) and a fine of US$2,800 (double what it was).

At the same time, the same amount of money is offered to any "Muslim missionary" who marries an Orang Asli (indigenous) person and converts them to Islam. They may also receive a monthly allowance, free accommodation, and a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Um, ok. This has got me thinking. So many questions.

Since Canada used to be considered a "Christian nation", what would it look like if we started beating anyone who was accused of sharing their faith with a Christian? 10 strokes with a hockey stick?

Obviously, I don't think we should do this, but how fair is this? This is not a level playing field! But why does it seem like such a good idea?

Then, what about incentives and bonuses for sharing your Christian faith? Get someone "saved", and you get the downpayment for a house! Missionary date someone into conversion and get all your dates paid for! Lead someone in the "sinner's prayer", and a HUMMER is in your driveway. Wow.

Maybe Muslims are on to something. Maybe this is what we've been missing. Incentives. Bonuses. Bribes. A real reason to share your faith.

I wonder what it would look like to bribe people to go on STM? Free flights? 3 days @ a luxury resort? Team bus = limousine?

It's a shame that our pure love for God and his Son Jesus just isn't enough to get us on mission.

Looks like Allah might have the same problem with his people.