University Researcher

Date: February 20, 2017 Category: ,


Destination:  Middle East

Host Name: unlisted

Cost Per Month: $ to be determined

Ministry Type: University Researcher

Duration: 12+ months

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The Cause:

The University Researcher position will provide opportunity to engage locals relationally and participate in a church planting team. These teams have a primary focus on intentionally sowing the Gospel, training new believers in evangelism, discipleship, and church formation, and raising up indigenous leaders who are faithfully fulfilling the Great Commission.

The Task:

Duties & Responsibilities: Research positions within a variety of disciplines are available. Ability to collect and analyze data. Duties and work requirements would be discussed with the supervisor.

Core Competencies:  Follower of Christ who desires to share the gospel with others through relationship and discipleship. Self Motivator. Team and goal orientated. Active learner and desire to engage cross-culturally. Enthusiastic, energetic, personable and friendly.

Education/Experience: Having participated in an academic environment would be an asset. Academic and/or work experience in the field of search would be an asset. Computer and data entry skills would be an asset. An undergrad degree in the discipline would be an asset.


  • You are responsible to find your own accommodations, but suggestions and advice will be provided by staff.
  • We have a local Team in this location. You will have the opportunity to meet weekly for fellowship, support, counsel and encouragement.
  • Leadership is available to meet regularly and mentor you in cross-cultural components of the position.
  • Salary will compensate for a majority of your on-the-ground expenses.
  • Vacation time will be given.
  • Opportunity to learn local language.
  • Provide means for a local visa.
  • Opportunity to participate in regional team events.

Opportunity available immediately