University Ministry

Date: August 5, 2014 Category: ,

Destination: Romania

Host Name: Cristi Soimaru / Dan MacTavish

Cost Per Month: $1200 plus flights

Ministry Type: University Ministry

Duration: 12 months

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Bucharest, Romania: The needs in the city and country are so great and the potential for ministry to those needs is equally as great. The Ministry Leadership team at the International Church is young and continually ministering to a university and young adult group that are always looking for connection and community.

There are endless opportunities for involvement that the Ministry Leadership team is not able to fully develop due to time and energy limitations because of their own secular work and family needs. A capable volunteer would have greater freedom of schedule to serve and assist the Ministry Leadership Team meeting the needs and opportunities.

The volunteer would be part of the Ministry Leadership Team where there would be close connection and communication for weekly ministry.