Fishing Tools Sales Rep

Date: April 10, 2017 Category: , ,


Destination:  Middle East/North Africa

Host Name: unlisted

Cost Per Month: $ to be determined

Ministry Type: Fishing Tools Sales

Duration: 12+ months

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The Cause:

The Tourist Company will provide opportunity to engage locals relationally and participate in a church planting team. These teams have a primary focus on intentionally sowing the Gospel, training new believers in evangelism, discipleship, and church formation, and raising up indigenous leaders who are faithfully fulfilling the Great Commission.

The Task:

Duties: Assist to market and sell fishing gear/tools. Assist to provide current information of items available to clientele. Potentially meeting with individuals and/or store managers to assess their needs.

Core Competencies: Follower of Christ who desires to share the gospel with others through relationship and discipleship.Team and goal orientated.  Active learner and desire to engage cross-culturally. Enthusiastic, energetic, personable and friendly.

Education/Experience: A certificate/degree in business and/or marketing would be an asset. Any fishing experience would be an asset. Any customer service experience would be of assistance. Any sales or marketing experience would be an asset. Computer and data entry skills would be an asset.


  • You are responsible to find your own accommodations, but suggestions and advice will be provided by staff.
  • We have a local Team in this location. You will have the opportunity to meet weekly for fellowship, support, counsel and encouragement.
  • Leadership is available to meet regularly and mentor you in cross-cultural components of the position.
  • Salary will compensate for a majority of your on-the-ground expenses.
  • Vacation time will be given.
  • Opportunity to learn local language.
  • Provide means for a local visa.
  • Opportunity to participate in regional team events.

Opportunity available immediately