What if we all just loved?

The Art of Mission.

I like science. It is objective.  Something is black or it is white.  You are either pregnant or not pregnant.

My resume tells me I have a bachelor of science in nursing.  Cool.  During my university days I learned how the objectivity of nursing care is complemented by the subjectivity of a nurse. Nursing is a science and it is an art.  Practice mixed with personality. It is the best of both worlds.

Missions is a whole new world for me.  Lots of observing and conversing.  Loads of learning.  What I have learned is that a missionary pours themself into their work. Their personal life is often intertwined with their work life.  What fuels their heart embodies their work.  The ‘off switch’ isn’t exactly a possibility.

People are unique.  Diversity exists between and amongst cultures.  People’s experiences and personality help shape their thought process.

All this being said, the missions community is a spectrum.  A common goal of bringing positive change to a host community is often shared yet the journey and belief of obtaining this goal is what varies.  Everyone is their own expert.  Everyone has their own definition of accountability.  Everything is so subjective.

Missions reminds me of religion.  Every religion thinks they are right and perhaps has respect for all others.  Everyone wants to sell you on why their beliefs are the best.  But I don’t like religion.  Actually, I hate religion.

It is Jesus that I love.  My Jesus is radical.  He broke rules to love people. He loved the people in his society who were the most in need of love: prostitutes, tax collectors, lepers, women, children and the poor.  He called the rich and religious out for their shenanigans. He desired people’s love and their faith.  That is all.

So if the missions community claims to love Jesus, should it not be a priority to be like him?

What if we focused on people? What if we all just loved? Like actually, just loved.



Originally posted to The Art of Mission.