Visiting the Kootenays and a New Project!

The Koch Kamotion

In October, Peter Dove, director of Imagine Thailand, travelled back to the west and spent about a month in Canada and the United States meeting with churches, businesses, and universities.  He talked about the vision of Imagine Thailand and shared recent developments taking place both in Thailand and Burma.  As part of that trip, Peter invited me to join him on a two-day drive through the Kootenays, an area of BC, to be honest, that I haven’t visited before!  What a beautiful region of our province!  Here are the three churches we visited and then I’ll close with an update on a new project!

Creston…Pastor Gary Forsyth organized a church luncheon and after enjoying various kinds of borscht, we all sat down and enjoyed Peter’s presention.  Thank-you Glad Tidings Church for your invitation and your consistent and generous support of Imagine Thailand!

Cranbrook…the highlight of our visit to Abundant Life Church was a fantastic Thai dinner co-ordinated by the church Missions Team.  After visiting with the congregation, their missions team, and Pastor Telman, it was clear that Abundant Life Church has a passion for missons and a desire to engage in missions strategically and thoughtfully.  Thank-you Abundant Life for your hospitality and vision!

Trail…we ended our mini-roadshow at Gateway Christian Life Center at a luncheon organized by Pastor Shane McIntyre.  A team from Gateway had visited Thailand in 2011 and since coming home has brought together the congregation to raise money for projects in Thailand.  Pastor Shane presented Peter with an $850.00 cheque for a migrant school water system in Mae Sot.  Thank-you Gateway for your hardwork in raising funds for the children of Burma.

Here are a few pictures of our road show.

On a final note…a new project in Burma!   We have begun a social enterprise project intended to provide farmers an opportunity to bring product to market while at the same time fighting malnutrition which is so common in the rural areas of Burma.  As farmers grow  and harvest soy beans, the beans are purchased and then processed into soy milk and related products providing income for farmers and production personnel as well as providing necessary protein to families.  The production equipment itself costs around $6,000.00 CAD.  This project is very new and we will keep you informed in the next couple of months about how you can become specifically involved.  Here is a picture of the production equipment!

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