September 23, 2011

james the explorer

Thursday was actually my last day at the children’s home. I spent Thursday morning taking my last photos of everyone and gathering all my things. It was sad. The children kept asking me to stay. Other then actually leaving the home, the rest of the day was uneventful. I arrived back at the Shaw’s and relaxed. I finally got to meet Stew and Monique’s other son, Tim. He arrived earlier in the week.

Friday was more eventful. I was going with the team to Howrah with the full team. The girls had never been before and wanted to experience it before they left. It was funny how some of the guys on the team felt like they were experts and knew everything about the train station and the people there. From there we went to the drop in centre and spent some time with those kids. We sang songs and had a prayer time with them. It was good. I had an extra prayer time there (by that I mean I fell asleep) and the team members kept bugging me about it. I was in a really hot room and still not fully healthy. So I kept telling them to stop judging me because I was more spiritual then them by praying more.

From there we went and got lunch. I felt sick after lunch but that’s because I had my meal and one of the meals of the girls on the team because she decided she couldn’t eat it and in retrospect I probably shouldn’t have eaten it. The problem was, it looked so good I couldn’t say no.

The afternoon we spent doing a fellowship time with the jewellery girls and two members of the team shared their testimonies. The one guy came from a Hindu background and it was good that he shared because the girls were really able to connect with his story. The other testimony I still don’t actually understand. It didn’t make a lot of sense.

After that I went out and had dinner with Jobin, Zac, Janelle, Kari, and Hope. It was a good time spent with each other. I ordered something that sounded good, but in reality tasted gross, so I stole the leftovers from other peoples plates. It was a savoury crepe and it didn’t sit well with me. 

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