Off to Neverland!… Or should I say Thailand!!!

Live Loud

Well, it’s official. Actually, it was official a couple months ago, but now that I’ve purchased my flights, I can officially say that I will be heading out on a missions trip to Thailand in January. I touch down in Bangkok on January 21st (I’m going to go forward in time a whole day – time travel for the win!), and will start to make my way back home on May 2nd. To save you from having to do the math, that’s 101 days. Or 2,406 hours. Or 144, 375 minutes. You get it. It’s a pretty long time.

Some may think I’m crazy. I’m okay with that. Others may think it’s great that there’s someone who’s willing to go out and meet the world where they’re at, because that’s definitely not you. That’s also okay. But regardless of what you may think, I have no clue what it makes me, other than obedient. This opportunity has been completely laid down by God, and I’m just walking along the path laid down for me.

To say that I’m excited would be an understatement. I leave in less than 34 days.

As with most mission trips, things are a bit chaotic right now, but I know that I’ve got the Lord on my side. Things will work out in time.

As for what I’m going to be doing while in Thailand, I’m going to be serving in a small town called Takua Pa, located in the south of the country. I’ll be hosted by another mid-termer, Kelvin Chan. The guy seems pretty awesome. Check out his blog for more info on life in Takua Pa!

(Be forewarned – Kelvin says it like it is. Don’t expect some romanticized, fluffy version of what we like to think doing missions work is all about!)

As the time I’ll be there is during the Thai summer (hello, constant sweating!), I’m going to be helping out with planning and then running some VBS style day camps for a bunch of kids. I may also be able to help out with the tutoring of some kids to help get them into school.

Now if you know me, then you know that I love camp. So words cannot express how pumped I am to be helping out at a camp in a different country! While my knowledge of the Thai language is a little lacking (okay, a lot…), kids are kids. Smiles and laughter and playfulness are universal.

I’m so excited for all that this trip has in store, and for all that God is going to reveal to me and do in me.

Send some prayers my way, and to Takua Pa and Kelvin, that things will just continue to work out to God’s glory!

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