my eyes are on you.

not all who wander are lost.

last night i officially added a new tool to my toolbox. and because i feel it is so valuable, i would like to share it with all of you.

and i’m not kidding either. you might as well get your toolbox out right now because you’ll be soon adding to your collection, i promise. this isn’t one of those tools where some people take it, and some people drop it like an old newspaper. this one is legitimate, and useful. i could probably bet that you will use it everyday, at some point during a conversation or a cirsumstance you find yourself in. and this tool shouldn’t be shoved at the back of your toolbox either, so do some quick spring cleaning and find some space in the front. i would recommend a spot easy to access too, so you can get it out at your earliest convenience. these are all just suggestions of course, but i can officially say that i told you so. i hope, for your sake, you made some room. 

it all starts in 2 chronicles, chapter 20. so, here’s the whole ordeal: there is this king who has an army, and they are ready to go off to battle. the problem is though that the enemy attacking has an outrageous amount of men, and the king is at a bit of a loss. he knows that if he orders his men out onto the field, he will surely lose. so, after some quick and faithful thinking, he calls his army into the temple and says that they are going to ask god for a strategy, because at this point, he has nothing. you picturing all this? king. temple. men. praying. oh yeah, and the enemy with their over the top, fully populated army. once gathered, the king begins to talk to god and asks him for some help. but the most important part of this whole story (ie, the tool that you will be adding to your box which i will explain a little bit more in detail afterwards), is at this point the king says, “lord, i don’t know what to do, but my eyes are on you.” talk about an incredible statement! that line gets me excited, but i’ll finish the story for you first before i go off about it. god answers the prayers of the king - he tells him to find all the priests and gather his men. then he orders the king to bring his army out onto the battlefield and get this, start worshiping. no swords, no fighting, just straight up, old fashion, spirit filled, worship. the king’s obedience kicked in, and ordered his army to do all of this. and as they started worshiping, the enemy ended up turning on themselves and killing eachother. bam, the king won the battle, and not only did none of his men die, but they had a chance to worship god. not such a bad thing, if you ask me.

but let’s reward for a second. and i’m even going to use caps lock on this next sentence because i really want you to get it. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO, BUT MY EYES ARE ON YOU. (i’m not shouting at you either, i’m just excited and i hope you are too). the king was at a complete loss, all the odds were clearly against him, and by his own strength, there was no way that he was going to win that battle. he didn’t know what to do, but his eyes remained on god. and as you see in the story, because his eyes remained on god, he took care; he gave the king a strategy that was effective and won him the battle. 

so many times life can just seem terrible. frustrating. confusing. hopeless. unfair. unloving. and by our own strength, our own knowledge and wisdom, those cirumstances that just seem too impossible to fix, or too hurtful to face, will remain that way. but, if we add god into the mix then things change up a lot. and it’s not a flick of a switch kind of easy either, it’s still difficult. but, if our eyes are on god, then he will take care. time and time again, he will take care. but we need to make the first move. we need to set our eyes not on the circumstance around us, or the emotions that we are facing, but on god. and when our eyes are on god, he will provide. he will take care. he will provide you that strategy to win the battle. 

so i hope you did make room for another tool in your toolbox, because this one is important. if you don’t know what to do, set your eyes on god. 

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