my beloved.

not all who wander are lost.

we took our places on the floor to begin planning for the youth girls event that we had hopes of holding at the church. ideas were shared, discussion was made, prayer was had, and after a few rounds of meetings, we finally had a set plan. 

my beloved. the concept that we are god’s beloved. along with that concept was the discussion of temptation regarding guys and the problems that girls face when they give into that temptation. we decided that we would have a debate among the women leaders, in an attempt for the girls to begin thinking about whether looking at guys or presueing ungodly men had negative consequences, and whether they could avoid this or not. we then decided that we would have a drime (drama to music) regarding such consequences of presueing an ungodly man, or waiting upon jesus to show a proper man. we figured that we should also have a bit of fun involved, so the terrific idea of becky dancing to an indian folk song was agreed upon. of course there would be prayer and worship, along with a short message following the drime, and a wrap up message following the debate.

perfect, all the ideas were in place. the lists of ‘things to do’ were made, and we were satisfied that this was going to be a successful night of engaging the girls and forcing their minds to think a bit. 

in the days leading up to it, i was on the go consistently! if i wasn’t learning how to dance, then i was leading a drime practice. it was so much fun though. i had endless laughs with my dance partner, and many great moments with the girls who were in the drime with me. all the practices seemed to be going well, and the evening was coming together really well!

and then saturday came. i normally don’t get nervous, and i enjoy talking in front of people. however, as the women were dressing me up in my indian village man costume (oh, i didn’t mention that? yes, i was the guy. and yes they drew a mustache on me), i was nervous! i have never danced in front of anyone before, and i don’t credit myself to be much a dancer in the first place, but here i was..taking center stage. as a man, with a mustache at that. oh, and in a long skirt that i was terrified i would trip over and fall on my face. and then this scarf wrapped around my head, to top it all off. it was amazing though, the costume that is. i was still nervous though. 

but as we took the stage, the moment i started my first move, the girls just went wild! the whole dance, they were cheering, laughing (with me, i hope), and seemed to really enjoy it. thank the lord. and i only messed up one step, but quickly corrected myself. horray! so overall, the dance was a success. i don’t think i’ll take up dancing as a career, or even a hobby though. i’m convinced that jesus doesn’t have dance star written in the book of life for becky. 

the moment i was finished dancing, i was rushed upstairs to change into my next costume. jesus! i’ve never played jesus, and in fact, i’ve never been in a drime before in my life. but, here i was, ready to perform a drime that i created. again, a bit nervous! i kept thinking, is this going to impact the girls? will they get it? maybe the music wasn’t the best choice? maybe i should have found a tamil song? didn’t jesus have a purple sash on, but i have a red one? so many questions, but suddenly the music started and me, jesus, began acting. the drime was about two girls - both created by jesus, and loved jesus. however, one girl strayed from looking at god, and ventured to an ungodly man, and her life took a turn for the worse. her husband turned from being sweet and lovely, to a drunk and abusive husband (unfortunately, this is very common in this area). jesus then created another girl, who waited on jesus and his command, and found a lovely god-fearing man who loved her and took care of her. of course, there were dramatic moments, and when the song hit the climax, so did the drime. all in all, it was also a success! 

overall, the night was incredible! the female leaders were amazing at heading up the event with me, and i think everyone who attended heard god and learned a little something too. it was one of my favorite evenings so far i think while being in chennai. 

i am so very thankful for having the opportunity to be here. it is events and moments like i had at the ‘my beloved’ evening, that remind me that when you let god take over, he does more than you could imagine.  

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