My August Rush


There is a symphony playing over our lives.  A beautiful orchestra that has been fashioned for each of us with the instruments that make our hearts full and give us hope and bring us to tears.  A song has been written.  A rhapsody with our name on it.

This evening I saw a movie with a beauty that must be shared.

August Rush.

It is a story about a boy born to two musicians, Lyla and Louis, who met unexpectedly at a party and slept together.  The two were separated after that one night by what was going on in Lyla’s life with her controlling father. She finds out she is pregnant with Louis’ son, but is still stuck in Chicago with her father who is not happy about the pregnancy.  Shortly after, she is hit by a car and the baby is born prematurely.  But unknown to Lyla, her father gives us the baby for adoption telling Lyla that her son died as a result of the accident.

After eleven years, Evan (the son) is living in an orphanage, unaware of his parent’s whereabouts. But in the midst of his troubled life, he believes without a doubt that his parents are alive, and that they want to find him.  He hears music wherever he goes, and this music, he believes, is his parents calling out to him.

As the movie unfolds, we see his musical gift grow and blossom into a remarkable talent that sets him apart from others.  He is then taken by a homeless street musician known as Wizard who keeps many children and has them perform on streets and bring him back the money.

Louis, at this time, is living in San Francisco no longer in his band.  And Lyla, also no longer making music, is teaching children music at a school.  But when Lyla learns of her son’s life by her father who admits to his actions made eleven years earlier, she flees to New York to find him.  She also decides to get back into music at an upcoming symphony.  Louis also comes to New York after deciding he wants to find Lyla and he too gets back into music by joining up with his old band.

Evan, now renamed August Rush, is staying in a church after the police raided the street home with Wizard and the other children.  Here he meets a girl named Hope who sings beautifully.  She teaches him how to read music and he begins to compose masterfully.  Others take notice and bring him to Julliard where he continues to grow in his gift.

He is given the opportunity to have his composition featured in a concert in Central Park, where Lyla, whom he has still not met, will also be playing. Louis happens to be passing by at that time and is drawn to the concert after seeing Lyla’s name on the poster. In one beautiful night the three are brought together while August’s Rhapsody plays out over them, sweeping the entire park into a single mass of joy and anticipation.

There are still many details I have not included, and the soundtrack alone makes this movie worth seeing.  After the movie finished I was overcome with emotion and had a flood of thoughts come to me.  I began to realize that this story of August Rush, is the story of our lives.

We are like the little boy, Evan/August, who seems to be without parents. Here in Romania I volunteer with orphans and I am so filled with love for them each day.  I am reminded that regardless of who we have parenting us here on earth, we have a Father in heaven who has a perfect love for us.  And He is singing over us (Zephaniah 3:17) , calling us back home, back to Him.  We were separated from Him by our sin, left alone and disconnected.  But out of His love for us, He made a way for us to come back.  He came to us.

It is when we listen to His voice, to the song He plays over our lives, that we are brought back.  Jesus, God’s son, came to earth, and called forth to us to follow Him.  His death was not in vain, but in sacrifice for our sins, the things we’ve done wrong.  And in love He overcame death so that we could in turn follow Him and by Him, live eternally.

In the movie, the boy, Evan, is so filled with faith that his parents are alive. Though he cannot explain it, there is this pulling in him that draws him to one day come face to face with them.  The music he hears around him is their song that is whispering hope and direction to him.  I believe we all have that song in us…one that is calling our name, and whispering hope and leading us towards our eternal home.  In the Bible it says that eternity is written on our hearts (Ecclesiates 3:11).  We have this song in us, a desire to be connected to our creator, to know our Father who is eternal.  However, we are often surrounded by so much noise that the song is drowned out. Sometimes we don’t want to hear it, that voice that is calling our name, and so we plug in to something else.  Or we try to push every sound out and reach a point of complete clarity where only sound judgements can be made, and matters of the heart are not entertained.  Either way, the voice remains.  The song plays out.

People told the boy, Evan (August), he was crazy for saying he could hear music from his parents whom he had never met, nor knew were alive.  Wizard offered him another life, trying to selfishly convince him that he was better off performing in the streets.  He could have listened to them and ignored the songs he heard, and missed the opportunity to grow his gift…but he had faith and chose to SEEK. He went looking, following the music, and along the way the song grew stronger and was given clarity through practice.  Instruments were provided along the way, giving voice to the song he had inside.  It was through Hope, the girl he met in the church, that he was given knowledge of the written aspect of music, allowing him to learn more and share what he had inside.  It was as he practiced his gift that opportunities arose, such as the concert in Central Park, and he was brought to that place where he could be reunited with his parents.  It was a night where the lost was found.

Is there a dream you have that needs to be given birth?  A song that needs to be played.  Don’t be afraid to step out into unknown and do something that might make you look crazy.  Perhaps you don’t know what it is that you are good at, or even what to dream.  That’s ok too.  Just take time to listen, as the movie reminds us.  God has an amazing way of birthing new dreams in us, and speaking words of encouragement and life to us when it seems that no one else can help.  Remember songs often include rests, repeats, and key changes.  So take time to rest.  Don’t be afraid to repeat something over.  And enjoy the changes.

As the credits rolled, the song “Someday” by John Legend played out.  I want my someday.  I want to be brought to a place where all things come together in a rhapsody with my name on it.  I want my August Rush.  I long for the day when the desires of my heart are brought forth.  In due time.  There is a crescendo drawn over my heart illustrating the hope I have, and the anticipation that is growing in me.  As I wait, I grow stronger.  Evan waited eleven years for his parents, but he grew more in that time than many do in their entire lives because he was set on the best. Though I am sometimes tempted to settle for other good things along the way, I am holding onto the dream that God has given me which is better than any good thing.  I can see that as I walk in the direction of His voice, listening to His song for me, I am each day one step closer to Him, closer to the place where all things come together in perfect harmony.

 “The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.”

Zephaniah 3:17

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