Live Training


going somewhere? don't go unprepared.

To book one of our STMnetwork Certified Trainers to do live training with your team, e-mail us now.

Invite The STMnetwork to do live training with your team, and ARRIVE READY!

Why should you do live training with the STMnetwork?

The STMnetwork trains STM leaders and teams for better mission experiences according to the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s CODE of BEST PRACTICE IN STM. The CODE provides guidelines and a means towards excellence. It helps the sending church aim to develop their STM programs to the highest level.

“Great preparation will make someone dangerous to issues of injustice, weak preparation will only make someone dangerous to themselves.” (Mark Crocker, STMnetwork Trainer)

Our live training includes: (but is not limited to)

Cultural Perspective – Perceptions, ethnocentrism, stereotypes & cultural assumptions, values differences, cultural sensitivity, and common stressors

Personal Perspective – Motive mix, your personality type, your role on your team, building team trust, conflict resolution, skills you contribute, stages of your culture shock, and debriefing & evaluating your mission experience

Isn’t this how you would want a cross-cultural ministry team to prepare to work with you in your community?

STM Training Menu: Options, options.

No STM team is the same. They are different in personality, skills, purpose, destination, culture, & audience. Get training that fits.

Weekday or evening.

As a part of your pre-existing 8-12 week STM team training program, we can come to your training venue and take one of those sessions off your plate. Together, we’ll work out a session based on something you haven’t already covered, or aren’t confident enough to teach on. Up to 2 hours, cost: $175.

Weekend short.

Same description as above, but with more time to dig in to a particular cross-cultural issue. Includes interactive role-playing exercises for deeper engagement. Up to 3 hours, cost: $275.

Weekend long.

All of the above, but with even more time to explore several topics in one longer day, or spread out over a weekend. We can train multiple teams and churches that will work together. Between 7-10 hours, cost: $500-$750.

To book one of our STMnetwork Certified Trainers to do live training with your team, e-mail us now.