Leaving Soon

Hannah's Missions Trip

Hello again my esteemed family and friends,

I can hardly believe I am leaving today! This is so exciting for me and I hope it is exciting for you, too. It means so much to me to share this journey with each of you. Thank you so much for all the support you have each given. This would be impossible without your prayers and financial giving. Please continue to pray for me as I venture out into the world God has called me to.

I have been reflecting what has gone on in these last few months, lately. What a journey Christ has brought me on, and I haven't even left my home yet.

When I didn't know what to do after I found out that I couldn't go to Malawi, God came near and He gave me hope and vision for a new situation. Even though I will be doing things in Kenya, that were not originally part of my plan, I believe that this situation will offer me many more opportunities for growth. God want me to cultivate my gift of teaching and to stretch me through many things. The most obvious one right now, would definitely be the language barrier. I have never been very successful at trying to learn new languages. My Dad tried to teach me Greek; I tried to learn French in school. I can honestly say that I remember hardly anything. Part of my lack of success in the past could be due to my lack of desire to learn a new language. Before now, I didn't really have a reason to learn a language that I wouldn't use. I will need to learn Swahili in order to communicate with my pupils. How can I teach them English If I can't first communicate something to them? I don't know. If I have learned one thing, however, it is that God meets His people in their weakness. I know that I will not want for heavenly support.

When I was preparing to go to Malawi, I felt like I had everything under control. I could get to the mission field and support myself while I was there; no problem. Missions is not about self reliance, as I have learned. When I switched my location to Kenya, the budget started to grow and it kept growing until there was no way that I could support myself. Without God changing the plan, I would not have had to trust Him and trust each of you for the support I needed. I would not have found out just how much people are willing sacrifice for God's plan. And I would have been excluding you from the glorious work He will accomplish. God's ways are truly the best.

I have learned to trust so much more in this journey leading up to the literal journey. God needed to do many things within me so that I am ready for what is ahead of me.

I pray for God's blessings on each of you. As I said to a friend, don't stop praying now that your prayers have got me to Nairobi, Kenya. 🙂

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