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2014 - STM Network Certificate - Your Name

Are you looking to hone your STM leadership skills? Whether it is your 1st or 41st trip, we have the tools to save you time and money in Short Term Mission.

The STM Network works with STMleader.com as the premier STM leader training certificate program. Join now to access everything you need for your absolute best Short Term Mission experience.

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Grow Your Mission

Leadership certification takes place five times a year. Consider joining our next cohort.

Mondays at 4pm PT, 5pm MT/CT and 7pm ET.


Please RSVP to mark@stmleader.com

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Something more

I want to let you in on a secret, some teams leave and the host missionary breathes a deep sigh of relief. They tell me that they never want a team like them to come again. The funny thing is that some of those teams have years of experience and strong leaders. The best STM teams do not necessarily have the most experience, nor the strongest leaders - they have something more.

I have spoken to countless hosts to determine what that something more is. What distinguishes the good from the great teams? I have matched their words to thousands of team members and come up with the 5 keys to STM Team Success. I have developed a course that will give you the tools for immediate success. Those keys are now available for you.


Custom Fit.

Our live coaching gives team leaders all of the tools you need to develop a great team. Best of all it saves you time and money.

Sign up today for our Best Prep Kit and you will:

  • Learn how to avoid risk to your charitable status
  • Stop asking the common question that hurts the poor
  • Discover where teams are most likely to fail
  • Learn to put together destinations that effortlessly draw teams
  • Find out how to raise more money so you can go further and do better work
  • More!

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Is this for me?

Ask any missionary and they will tell you (if they are feeling safe enough to tell the whole truth) sometimes the most difficult leader to teach is someone who is successful. The truth is that international work is different than successful business or ministry back home. If you are willing, this process will stretch you.

Whether you are a new team leader, or you have been doing it for years, we all have something to learn. The best team leaders know that they can always learn more. If you want to grow your ability to lead teams, you need this resource.

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How this works:

The Best Prep Kit is live, one-on-one coaching for a team leader to prepare his or her team for incredible international success. If you have ever wondered why some teams seem to work better than others, this coaching will provide you with concrete tools that meet and exceed the best practices in Short Term Mission.

  • You gain access to exclusive resources you can immediately use.
  • You receive the forms, templates and tools you need to manage any STM trip.
  • You meet with a dedicated STM Network trainer live (on Skype).
  • You are supported through all the phases of the trip.  Preparation, on-field and return.
  • You receive a personal plan and incredible training materials for all team sessions
  • You can ask and expect answers to your questions through email, text or a call.


Your Opportunity, Our Guarantee

If you want to participate in the kind of mission that makes a real difference, I invite you to click the Start Now Button. You will be taken to a form where you will fill out some simple contact information. We will arrange a time to chat and tell you a little more about our process.  We will:

  • Answer your questions
  • Set up your coaching sessions
  • Tell you why you shouldn't pay a dime for this (and who should)

The STM Network has trained tens of thousands of team members, and now we are offering our tools and resources for team leaders directly.  We are confident that we can make your job easier as a leader. Many established leaders have told us that the only regret that they have with the training is that they wish they had started sooner. If you complete the training and it does not measure up to your high standards, let us know, We will be happy to give your money back. No risk to you.

We will give you all of the tools you need to successfully lead a team anywhere in the world. This process will save you time and money and make it look easy. You have an STM Network coach available to answer your specific questions. Best of all, there is no risk to you. We will make our expertise and experience available to you when you need it. We are an email, call or text away!

Mark Crocker

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What People are Saying.

"Any church serious about intentional and functional cross cultural ministry should consult with the STM Network" - Ian Stokes. International Mobilization Manager. Samaritan's Purse Canada

"served with excellence ..." - Allan Waine. Director of Missions at Vanguard College

"Using the Best Prep Kit was a LIFESAVER!" - Ken McIntyre. Youth Pastor at Beddington Church. Calgary, AB

"... The STM Network found out and understood who I really am, and then equipped and encouraged my leadership growth ..." - Mike Kozak. Vice President of Carrington Lighting. Calgary, AB

"by far the best decision we made..." - Joseph Friedland – Associate Pastor at Evangel Pentecostal Church. Montreal, QC

"I can’t imagine a better way to prepare for all that waits for you" - Andy Moore – Pastor at Glad Tidings. Victoria, BC

"This process offered so much more ..." - Corey Parrish. Pastor Lethbridge,  AB

"...you keep it from being monotonous or boring…" - Jeremy Allbrecht. Student Ministries Pastor, Woodvale Church. Ottawa, ON 

"You have showed me step by step instructions on how to start strong and end well." - Nadine Colwell, Mission Leader at Family Worship Centre. Whitecourt, AB

"... the Best Prep Kit is only the tip of the iceberg ..." - Neil Buritt. Team Leader from Promontory Church. Chilliwack, BC

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