Last Youth Weekend….For Now…

Moffats in Zambia

Last Youth Weekend….For Now…

                What can we say? It’s been a crazy week full of strawberry farms and slip and slides. Doesn’t sound so bad does it? It has been a hectic week with lots of planning, shopping, connecting and surviving. A water pipe broke in our community limiting our water supply so we’ve been extra stinky (which I wasn’t sure was possible)

                As for the highlights, there have been many! We decided to take a couple of youth with us and go on an adventure this week. We left before 7am to avoid the heat and started walking in the direction of where we thought the strawberry farm was. Only 1 hour later we found it! It’s a commercial strawberry farm that was started by American missionaries to help sustain their school. Best part was the taste testing, they were SO good! They gave us enough boxes of strawberries for every home here at VOH AND they gave us a ride home. It was a good day. We ended up visiting the strawberry farm again on Friday with all the VOH graduates and they got to learn some agriculture tips (and we ate more strawberries).

                The rest of the week was spent planning out last youth weekend. And it was a youth weekend with a twist because we added children’s activities. Working with the younger ones is sometimes challenging as they are just learning English and our Bemba skills are below par.

                So, on Saturday morning we put on a kids carnival with the help of the youth, some visiting Americans, and the moms of course. It was a blast and you really can’t go wrong with face/nail painting, sponge throwing, balloon animals, football, storytelling, bubble gum guessing, music and of course the candy prizes. Needless to say, they were very tired at the end of the morning.

                Next was the epic youth finish. It started with some water balloons and ended with Evan’s master piece: The giant slip and slide! This was no small feat though; with limited water supply it required some very careful planning. But it was worth it! The person who slid the greatest distance received the coveted speakers that we have been using this year. Little bit of dish soap with a garbage bag and the kids went flying! No serious injuries, which was very surprising!

                We finished with some indoor games and the usual youth type service. We had been especially praying to see a response from some of the guys. Evan has been working with them since the beginning and it was our last formal opportunity to do some business with God. And God answered our prayers. We spent many hours last night praying with them and seeing God move in their lives.

Lots of the grade 12s will be leaving over the next month or two as they have finished their exams and there can be a lot of fear over what the future will hold for them. Some of them have supportive relatives who accept them but some have relatives who don’t want them. Psalm 91 comes to mind:

“Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. This I declare about the Lord: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I trust him. For he will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease.  He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection”

                And this is also a prayer for ourselves. We are feeling very tired and very spent as we come to the end of our stay here in Zambia. We are so thankful for the time we’ve been given here and the relationships that have been created, but change is hard. Even good change. We are starting to think about how we are going to transition back to Canada and go back to our lives that we had put on pause. But nothing in life ever pauses. We change and our friends and families change so we trust God to see us through this next stage just as He has always seen us through.


Praise Reports

  • The youth weekend was a rocking success
  • Although we are tired God has been faithful carry us through
  • We connected the village of hope to other ministries in the area.


Prayer Requests

  • That the Doctor will let us know why Amber is still sick. She has taken her giardia medication and the issue hasn’t been resolved.
  • We would enjoy our relationships instead of trying to accomplish the rest of our “to do” list and getting burnt out.

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