Last Blog in Zambia

Moffats in Zambia

Last Blog in Zambia,

                It’s hard to believe that it’s time to say goodbye already. We have said these words many times over the past few days as we go through the process of transitioning home. Many of the students have been leaving the village recently for either holidays or for good as they have finished grade 12. It feels like the last day of camp over and over again, except we have spent a year getting to know these youth, not just a week.

                The emotions are definitely mixed as we desire to be back in Canada with our family and friends, but then we know that we probably won’t be with these youth ever again. Slowly, we have been feeling God release us from this place and we are feeling more and more ready to return home. For example, this morning in church we were hoping to do one last song for the service but due to the business of preparing to depart, we weren’t able to manage the practice time. Instead the youth organized themselves into doing a drama without any of our assistance at all! And it went really well, even though the music cd was almost accidently left at home.

                Another thing is that some of the youth have recently plugged into a local church. This church is different from the one they have attended previously and this past Saturday they walked 45 minutes in the rain so that they could attend youth group and do some practical outreach. Through these things God is showing us that He is taking care of them and that He loves them much more than we ever could. They have grown in so many ways and we see so much more maturity in them.

                One highlight of this week was finishing the girls and guys Bible studies. Back in the beginning of our trip we saw that Bethany Church (our church in Whitehorse) had given us a significant donation for Bibles. At first we weren’t sure how to use the money, but then we found some really great study Bibles at a reasonable cost. So we bought about 25 of these study Bibles and started teaching the youth how to use them through Bible studies. Since we are leaving now, we had decided to give the Bibles to the youth who attended the most, so that we knew that they had the know-how to use them. With the Bibles we also hired one of the house moms to sew a unique cover for each of the youth and inside the covers we had their name printed on fabric.

                There are so many stories of how faithful God has been to us during our stay in Zambia. Amber had been sick for about 3 weeks with VERY strange symptoms that didn’t seem to make sense to anyone. Being in a tropical climate we were starting to become concerned. Then Amber did what any young woman would do and she called her mom! After spending some time praying, the word aspartame came to mind, and so we looked up the symptoms of aspartame toxicity. It turned out that Amber had most of the symptoms and she had been drinking a lot of diet pop due to the extremely hot temperatures (and need for caffeine). So, within 24 hours of no aspartame, Amber was back to her “normal” self.

                We just want to thank everyone who has been reading this blog. Thank you for praying for us when we had prayer requests, celebrating with us when we had praise reports and giving when we had financial needs. Good bye and we will see you in Canada!!

Praise Reports:

  • Seeing God do a transforming work in both us and the youth
  • That we finished all the work that we came here to do.

Prayer Requests:

  • For a safe trip home (including a stopover in Cape Town) and that we would arrive home healthy.


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