Just a thought I had.

South Africa 2012

Hello Friends,
I have been thinking about this latley and wanted to write it out. Hope it does some good...
 Am I the only one who is sick of me?  Me, me, me! My life! My future! Me, My, I! It would seem to me like much of the world is rather obsessed.
If I look at the church of the western world specifically, seems like most of the messages we hear are self-help or feel good messages. I think we focus a lot on what we need and what we want. Will we ever feel fulfilled? What’s missing? I think we have been equipped for decades, but have not been radical about stepping out, we desperately want to grow and see change in our lives and in our walks with God and are frustrated when we get stuck on a rut.
 I believe the way to see that happen is to take ALL the focus off YOU. Seems counterintuitive, I know.  I truly believe if we took the focus off of ourselves and put it on everyone around us our lives would change dramatically.

Our friends and family first, then other people, people who are in need, desperase situations around us…  that’s when you will see change and growth in yourself.  I think the culture we live in is very inwardly focused. Examine the things that you pray for, are most of your prayers focused on yourself, your insecurities, your fears, your problems? Imagine taking a week and only allowing yourself to prayer for and about others. I think that if we shifted our focus off ourselves and place it on others, that is when you see transformation. Outward Christianity does more for you inwardly than inwardly Christianity ever could.

So I want to challenge you to only prayer for others for an entire week. Don’t let yourself say the words “I” or “Me” when you’re praying, instead use “They”, “Them”, “us” and “we”. Even if you are going through a struggle or hard time, take a break from praying for you. See what happens.
Carly Honeybunn

Originally posted to South Africa 2012