Interweb access YES: A Q&A from across the pond

The Way It Seams

The only time I have internet access I only have a phone so it is hard to blog on that little thing. For the past three hours I have holed myself up in a cafe near our B&B we are at and have been busy catching up on everything.
I was thinking I should get ahead of the queue and answer some questions that I think will be coming my way not that you can't ask them again that is totally cool just thought I should do a bit of prepping for you and I.

Q: How was your trip?
A: Most trying time of my life but also the best time I've ever had.
Depending on your response to this answer it will tell me if you want to hear more because I could talk you into a coma if you feign interest!! I WILL DO IT!

Q: Did you see any elephants?
A: I totally did! A plethora of elephants herds flocks and fleets of em. They are just running rampant it's crazy! But not really animals are not running rampant they like to stick to the huge game parks where they are safe they like to avoid the villages and cities. I saw plenty in the game parks they are magnificent.

Q: Did you see tigers?
A: Wrong area. But I did see a Leopard it was super cute.

Q: What did you eat?
A: What I made! Zambia taught  forced me to learn how cook. My roommate gave me an ultimatum; clean or cook. I chose to chef it. We ate what we wanted except if we were eating with nationals then we might eat 'nshima' a corn based hard porridge with a relish my sister thought it had the texture of skin when she tried it and shoved it on my plate. But I enjoyed it smothered in sauce.

Q: How was the temperature?
A: Hot. I am in the pit of despair with cold but a onsie snow suit and some moon boots will solve that in a sec. I am still on the hunt so until then I am wearing eight layers of clothing. My dad took a look at me and said "You look like a closet."
Thanks man.

Q:What will you miss most about Zambia?
A: My students, having a schedule that was never the same twice, fresh fruit and veg everyday, and the Village of Hope of course and everyone in it.

Q: Do you think you will be doing full time missions now or do you think you will be going back to Africa?
A: Unknown. I didn't hear God say yes or no so ill just wait and see what he has up his sleeve. Whatever it is I know it is going to make both of us happy if I am obedient.

Q: What are you going to do with yourself now that you are back home?
A: AHHH DON"T ASK ME THAT. The only thing I want to do is hang out and catch up with my family and friends and maybe eat a whole salmon to myself and finish it off with some Tim Tam slams. If you don't know what those are you need to ask someone and partake there-of. It is a form of communion amongst the cult of cookies.
I also am throwing around the idea of starting up my clothing line maybe online but I don't trust myself to make any major decisions right now as culture shock and jet lag will be in control for awhile.

Currently my parents and I are in Scotland we are doing the tour we have hit London met some cousins which was really fantastic and we are now in Aberdeen trying to meet up with some more cousins and my dads brother. My dad is a bit sick with a cold but so far this has been great trip we took a train up to Aberdeen and got to see a lot of the scenery which was cool... just rode by  a castle no big deal.. etc.

I head back to the cold country on the 23rd and I am getting excited! But I hope I prepped you well for questioning I will be seeing you soon!

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