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Yesterday my heart was broken - almost beyond repair. Maybe I’m just innocent, naive and think the best of people but I didn’t think it was possible for my heart to hurt so badly for people I don’t know.

Here’s how my day started: I walked into Denny’s and grabbed a newspaper, sat down at my regular table, got a cup of coffee and then scanned the front page for an article of interest. It started out just like any other day…until I saw what was making headlines. An article with a warning, “Warning this story contains graphic material that might disturb some viewers”. The article was titled "Man brutally tortured by his wife and her boyfriend in Toronto apartment". If you’ve read the article you understand how disturbing it is. In all my years watching crime dramas and murder mysteries I have never in my life seen something as gruesome as the words I read off that page. I was shaken up. My head was lost in this state of disappointment at humanity while my body had to get up, go to work and carry on with my day.

My office is relatively busy so I was able to keep working without my mind wandering off…until lunch time that is. I logged onto my facebook only to see a disturbing wall post come up…3 times by three different friends of mine. A little girl in Cambodia with cerebal palsy needs a new home. Her mom had used her to beg since she was born to make money for the family. The last sentence alone breaks my heart - it’s just an all too common practice that happens all around the world and I also got to witness it while in Cambodia. But, the story doesn’t end there with this poor little girl. No, her mom had decided she no longer wants her. Again, it’s a sentence that alone break my heart. I know what it’s like to have a parent choose something or someone else over you. It breaks you. To know that another person has to feel that pain makes me cringe. But, yet again the story doesn’t end there. The mother wanted to sell her daughter so they could harvest her body parts. My eyes began to tear up and I knew then I needed to actually leave on my lunch break.

This innocent little girl - who I have never met and never will luckily had her life spared by a great organization who was able to find her a place to call home. A place where she can be safe and loved. But that doesn’t make the hurt go away and it doesn’t make the beginning of the story any better. By this point in my day I felt like somebody had ripped my heart out and left me for dead.

Later on in the evening, over a birthday dinner celebration for my older brother, I had the great misfortune of hearing another story that almost had every member of my family in tears. A crime so horrendous committed towards an animal that I was left shocked and speechless. A crime so disturbing I refuse to even type the words out.

It was then I began to get angry. I started to hate people. How are people capable of so much evil? It just doesn’t make sense to me. I can’t even begin to fathom how twisted a person’s mind must be to think it’s okay to hurt another living thing. If I had thought my heart was broken at lunch time, by dinner there was no words to describe where my heart was at.

But the worst part of the whole day, was that even after that, it still got worse. I saw a member of my family (whom I love more than words could ever express) be so hurt and broken emotionally by someone who claims to love her that I just began to weep. I didn’t think the tears would ever come to an end. 

It all happened here, in this world…the place you call home. The place where movies teach us that love always wins. The place where the Bible teaches us that good will triumph over evil. The place where your parents teach you right from wrong. 

In this world…there will be tears

In this world…there will be pain

In this world…there will be fear

but there will be a day when the burdens of this place will be no more (Jeremy Camp “There will be a day”

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