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Adventures in Guatemala

Before I left to come here to Guatemala, I prayed with one of the youth pastors in my church. She told me that on this trip God would strip me of everything I find comfort in order for me to let Him back in.

I can not express how true that was.

There are no pictures yet, I was having some technical difficulties.  I will post pictures on my pictures tab later this week.  Also, please prepare yourself for this blog. God did some amazing things in my life this week and I am sharing them with you.

I know I don’t usually write about my church experiences here but this week was different. This is something that changed me and I need to share, please try to keep an open mind if you are not a believer reading this.

So Sunday morning was a normal morning,  we slept in and got ready to go to church. Once we got there the worship was so so amazing.  Then the service was about how we shouldn’t let our past hinder our relationship with God. We have given it over to Him and He has forgiven us for it. It doesn’t concern Him anymore, so it shouldn’t bother you. Also pastor talked about how we should not let others thoughts control our relationship with God, especially if they are non believers and that we should just pray for them. This was exactly what I needed to hear when I walked in that building.

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there. So at the end of the service,  they do a bit more worship and pastor had an altar call for anyone who would like do dedicate their lives to God. There were at least 5 people that were saved that day. How great is our God?! After that pastor did an altar call for anyone that needed to be prayed for. I felt the urge to go up. So I did.

What happened next might seem odd but I can’t really explain it.  As I was standing at the altar, I felt my body just relax. (Anyone that knows anything about anxiety knows that doesn’t happen often) I bowed my head and started praying. That’s when pastor came to me, put his hand on my shoulder and prayed first in Spanish then in English.  Once he did that my body started to shake. I couldn’t stop it. I ended up having to fall to my knees to keep from collapsing. Once I was on my knees I started weeping. Let me tell you I have never experienced that kind of crying before. I was there on my knees for who knows how long. When I was finally able to stand the church was half empty. When I first stood up I had no idea what had just happened.  I was scared and a little weirded out to be honest. Not having any control over your own body is a strange feeling.

God used that experience to start His major plans for me this week. And boy I am so glad He did.

I was on such a spiritual high after church, it lasted for 2 days.

Monday at the dump was so great. The older boys, keep coming back. They don’t participate in the songs and games before hand, but sit there patiently waiting for the seeds lesson. Watching them get right into the program like that in just a few weeks was truly God touching them.

It was such a cool Monday.  Multiple families approached Heidi asking what church they go to because they would like to start going! 3 whole months going to the dump and God certainly has been touching their hearts and.most certainly mine.

I was trying to explain to a friend that giving these kids joy, even if it is just for an hour on a Monday could actually change their life. I know these kids won’t forget this experience and I know that God has great things planned for every single one of them, if they choose to allow Him into their lives.

Tuesday was a slow day, I watched the girls in the afternoon so Heidi was able to deal with some things going on around here. Those girls have been a blessing in my life, they can make me laugh when I’m having a rough day and they are so sweet.

I was also able to have an amazing Skype talk with one of my close friends at home. (Sometimes I like technology ) We talked for 2 hours about God and what wonders He can do. We’ve never really had a talk like that before and it was really awesome. 

Wednesday, I prepared to share my testimony with the entire church.  As I was writing up my testimony,  to make sure I stayed within the time allowance, I began to realize that the main reason God brought me here was to have me let Him into my heart again to heal me.

My delivery of my testimony went really well,  the church was absolutely packed. After I delivered my testimony,  we continued with worship and it was an amazing night. Again God had me on such a spiritual high. 

Because I was feeling so great with God this week, I was actually ready to be attacked with things that the enemy knew would break my spirits. Having a friend from home who doesn’t understand what I believe and how I can trust in the Lord is heartbreaking.  Especially when I know that person can not understand until they open their heart to possibilities.  Being constantly harped on about what I believe is tiring, but this time was different.  It was almost as if because I was in such an amazing place with God that it affected me even more. I was devastated by how this person thought it would be ok to attack my beliefs like that. But at the same time, the first thing I did was pray. I realized that this person has actually brought me closer to God because of how they act towards me. Yes, I’m human and I get mad, and boy was I mad, and sadly I let them know it. But within an hour of me praying for strength and peace, I was able to calm down and actually start praying for that person again.

I will never stop praying for that person.  Even if we decide to go our separate ways in friendship. I want them to know that where ever they end up, I will always care about them. I will always be praying for their safety and their heart.

Thursday afternoon we headed back to see the family we went to visit last week. We took cupcakes and a piñata for the kids and just had a great time with them. After that, we planted a garden for them, so they will be able to have fresh vegetables to eat and sell to help make more money for themselves.  They are a family with nothing but each other and are truly happy. I learned a lot from them this week.

Friday we were woken up at 4 am (and after finally being able to sleep around 2, this did not make me happy) by firecrackers, noise canons and a joyful person with a loud speaker attached to a car saying “Good morning!  Happy Mother’s day!” Mother’s day here is huge and they practically celebrate it all week long, which is so nice. But, you would think that they would like them to be able to sleep in a bit!

Anyway, so around 730 am I buckled down and started making the cake for Delaney’s 2nd birthday party. With Elmo already done (I made him earlier in the week) I just had to make the 2 layers of cake, ice them and finish the fondant decorations. 

In the afternoon we headed to the property that Mynor and Heidi have just outside of Jalapa. They have big dreams for this property and I pray that they will be able to make it happen! We went and had a picnic,  planted some trees and had a relaxing time. It was so nice. Once we were back at the house I got right back to the cake. I will post pictures of it as soon as I can, I’m hoping by Saturday morning my pictures will be up so be sure to check back.

Saturday was Laneys birthday party! We had cake and a piñata. The girls had a blast and Laney got some cute clothes. Everyone loved the cake (bonus!) And even though it was pouring rain, it was a fantastic day. 🙂

God was definitely my strength this week.  I try to think how I would be able to live my life without having Him walking beside me through everything and I just can’t imagine what state I would be in. Especially with my depression and anxiety. Each day, God gives me the strength to get out of bed and start my day, without God, I’d be one giant mess. I thank God for everything and everyone He has placed in my life. Each person has shaped my life, my faith and my heart (the good and the bad) now that I see this, I am excited to continue to grow in my faith.

Next week I will be traveling again. My blog will not be posted on Sunday again (sorry about this week).

Thank you for reading my whole blog this week. I realize that it was probably a lot to take in. But I had to share what happened this week, because it truly transformed me.

Until next week. (And Saturday (hopefully )) for my pictures from this week.

God bless.

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