Getting To the Core of the Issue

The Koch Kamotion

When people think of the Okanagan, two of the most prominent images that come to mind are fresh fruit and sun.  The two go hand in hand in creating delicious and refreshing cherries peaches, apricots and nectarines that make summer extra special here.  Beginning in late August,  it’s apple season! So what’s your favourite apple?  Here are some options!


What isn’t so attractive is the core of the apple. Here’s an example…


Yet without the seeds and the core, you don’t get the rest of the apple.  Now I’m sure you’re all wondering where this is going…

Imagine Thailand has all kinds of exciting projects underway…community development in the deep south, education in Takua Pa, leadership development in Bangkok, and water systems in Mae Sot.  Exciting, diverse, image-rich projects!  Kind of like the variety of apples we eat here… However, what makes these projects successful is something that sounds a lot less exciting but is really important…it’s called, wait for it… “Core Funding”. Ooooooh……doesn’t that sound thrilling?  However…as you suspected by now after following along with my apple analogy, operational costs are the core of any organization.  In our case, that would include paying for the salaries of our amazing Thai staff and paying monthly rent on the buildings we lease.  Without these funds, Imagine Thailand cannot run.

At this time in our organization’s history, we’re looking for partners to come alongside Imagine Thailand and help raise $3500.00/month to meet our operational costs.  Would you consider pooling together funds with a group of friends, your church, your sports team to help us deal with the core of the issue?

Here are two ways you can do this…

Write a cheque to Imagine Worldwide and send it to 3530 Old Okanagan Hwy, West Kelowna, BC V4T 1N7.

Pay online at the following link by clicking on the “Donate” option:  Imagine Thailand

Both options will provide you with tax receipts at the end of the year!

Thanks for core-operating and helping make Imagine Thailand successful!


Originally posted to The Koch Kamotion