Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the STMnetwork?

A. Our leadership (called the Lead Team) consists of a group of pastors, professors, and ministry leaders who are passionate about short-term missions.  They will consult with you and facilitate the many ongoing services of the STMnetwork.

We are a ministry of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada led by 2 Directors, whose task is to ensure the resourcefulness of the network.

Visit our Network Facilitators section for profiles on each of the Lead Team.

Q. What is the STMnetwork?

A. A tool to make your church or youth group’s short-term missions trip as easy and effective as possible.  Need training material?  You’ll find it here.  Don’t know where to go?  Check our list of opportunities.  Want to talk to someone about leading a trip with children?  Ask one of our Network Facilitators.  Do you have someone in your church who wants to go to India and you're going to Africa?  Connect them with a church that is going to India by taking a quick browse through our trip database.

Q. Why does the STMnetwork exist?

A. We desire to serve your church as you mobilize people for the Great Commission.  Not only are short-term missions an opportunity to live your faith courageously beyond your comfort zone, it also motivates people to embrace discipleship and ministry at home.

Q. Where is the STMnetwork based?

A. The STMnetwork is a network and as such it is a centre-less organization.  Regional Facilitators are located throughout the nation and can be available to churches in every corner of the country. Our 2 Directors live in Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON.

Q. How is the STMnetwork funded?

A. The STMnetwork is funded primarily by local churches and individuals.  As a centre-less organization we have very little overhead so our costs are kept as low as possible.