Crouching Trials, Hidden Blessings

Life Passions

It’s the punniest way I know how to describe a year filled with hurt and loss but covered with joys, blessings, opportunities, and new friendships.  

If you’ve been following my journey since the beginning, (God bless your kind soul) you will know just what kind of struggles I’ve been dealing with over the past 2 years.  But as I become a little more reflective over this year end/holiday time, I realize just how blessed I have been over this past year.

It’s unfortunate that most of the time, I’m unable to see the blessing in the midst of trials.  It’s usually not upon reflection that I realize just how much of a blessing it actually was.  Going back to Takua Pa for a visit with my family last week provided me with some time of reflection that I needed to fully realize what God was doing through me and how He was changing me.

The past season in Takua Pa was difficult; being secluded from friends and family in a culture that was unfamiliar with a language that was foreign proved to be a very trying time.  But coming out of that now, I recognize that the seclusion forged deeper relationships.  The full immersion helped me develop a greater sensitivity to the Thai culture and I can actually speak Thai now; albeit at a 5 year old level.  It’s just a reminder of how God can use any situation, any circumstance, and any season for His glory.  And because of all that has gone on, I find that I am beginning to better recognize the blessings hidden within the trials.  I find that I am able to hold tighter to his promises in the midst of trials.  This allows me to withstand more, listen quicker, and follow harder.  

As with each new season, change is inevitable; it is a necessity.  As change makes way for something new.  This holds true with me as I have decided to resign from my position with Imagine Thailand.  Although the day-to-day professional relationship no longer exists, my personal relationships within the organization remain strong and will continue to grow.  Through much thought and prayer, I have gained a lot of peace regarding this decision and it feels right at this point.  For the most part, though, things won’t really change for me.  I know where God wants me to be and as each day passes, I gain more clarity about what He wants me to do.  He has set my heart on serving the Burmese and Karen migrant community through providing technology training and employment opportunities for young adults and foundational education for children.  

This is ultimately what I feel God has called me to; to provide access to education to those who hunger to learn, to train up those who thirst for a chance, to welcome in those who are alone, to clothe with love those who are rejected, and to bring opportunity to the those who are forgotten.     

Blessed, is how I feel.  Last Saturday, I was doing sports ministry with a children’s home we work with.  I was playing badminton with a kid and at that moment, I looked up into the sun, took in some crisp clean breaths and felt an incredible amount of joy.  A joy felt when you wholly recognize that you are exactly where God wants you to be.  There is no greater feeling.

I am blessed to be afforded this opportunity to serve in this capacity and it wouldn’t have been possible without all those who support me financially, encourage me with timely words, and constantly remember me in prayer.  

Thank you.

Originally posted to Life Passions