Coming Home

Hannah's Missions Trip

I haven't had internet for the last couple weeks at least. It is the short rainy season in Kenya. There are storms every day and the power is out just as often as it storms. I'm on my way home right now, but I'm really not feeling well, so this probably won't be as well construsted of a post.

I spent my Easter Sunday with my African family. We walked 40 minutes to Church. I taught the story of Jesus death and resurrection to the kids. After we picked up lunch, we rode bodabodas (motorbike taxis) home. When we got home, the key would not go into the lock, so we had a picnic lunch outside. Later, after we had managed to get inside, the power went out and was out for about 24 hours. It was a blessed, if not entirely unique, Easter.

The following week I was given complete control of teaching an exam to the younger children. Although I would not necessarily choose to give and exam t five year olds, I have to follow the expectations to some extent. We did the exam mostly outside doing things instead of sitting at a desk, writing and colouring for an entire day.

On my last Sunday, I taught about Noah. I also said goodbye to everyone. There were many tears shed that day. I am so grateful for my time spent teaching those children about the Bible.

I said goodbye to the children I taught in Marurui, on Monday. There were many hugs and I am going to miss those kids much more than they realize.

I've been pretty sick for the last week, and am not having much fun travelling, but I will be glad to be home later today. It's weird to think that I leave London at 17:15 local time and arrive in Vancouver at 18:40. I'm going to travel backwards in time. I say this mostly because I have brothers and they think it's really awesome 🙂

See you all soon.


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