A Glimpse

Life Passions

As I was watching a game of volleyball in the foreground and football (soccer) in the background, I became inspired by the community that came together.  As the sun was setting on hundreds of local Burmese people gathered in this compound, I began to envision what holistic living could look like.  

I’ve been having ideas of starting a business that would provide internship opportunities to Burmese young people and ultimately full-time employment.  And as the idea continues to marinate, I notice God expanding it to a more organic and holistic approach.  I begin to envision would it could look like beyond just teaching them as a teacher and employing them as an employer but guiding them as a mentor and loving them as a big brother.  

How crazy would it be if we could find a huge property where we as a team could all live?  What if we could live and serve side by side in community?  

What if all the employees from all the business ventures we are involved in, could move onto the property?  What if we were to live more intentionally with them and invest in them not just at work but at home as well?  

What if 2 migrant families, that we’ve been investing in, moved onto the property?  35 migrants (ages 4-28) living holistically and in community with each other.  Eating, laughing, and worshipping together.

What if we opened a private school to support the children?  What if we opened a vocational school to teach the young adults?  

What if we were to invest our lives into young street boys who need a home and a big brother?

What if we intentionally invested in the lives of these people by holistically doing life with them?

Tonight, I may have caught a glimpse of what life in Mae Sot could look like.  

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