Quebec English Camps (ST)

This is a short term missions opportunity.

Host Name: Michel Hurrell

Cost Per Month: $650

Ministry Type: English Tutor

Duration: 1 week or more

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We're doing the English emersion camps and other activities to build bridges between the church meaning us and the community we serve. We want people to know that we're here to help and take care of them. It's a great opportunity to preach by your action. How? By focussing on wisdom and Character traits. How will the character/wisdom awards be done? During the week, buddies and teachers will be on the lookout for positive character qualities and evidence of wisdom in each camper. During the friday evening banquet each buddy will explain to the audience specifically how the camper(s) under him or her exhibited positive character or acted wisely in a given situation. A special picture or video of each camper will be shown at the same time.

You'll be able to do ministry with a different culture, with people that speaks a different language, all of that in your own country.