Monitor & Evaluation Specialist

Date: April 8, 2015 Category: ,

Destination:  Malawi

Host Name: Kindle Orphan Outreach

Cost Per Month: $900 plus flights

Ministry Type: Monitor & Evaluation

Duration: 6 months

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The Cause:

Join our team to ensure the best possible care for very vulnerable children.

The Task:

Are you interested in caring for very vulnerable children? Do you have any experience in developing systems that work? Can you operate a computer? We need to improve our Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for our work with vulnerable children and we could use your help!

We want to make sure that the vulnerable children that we care for are actually growing and thriving. We want to build systems that evaluate our work, help us see what we are doing well, and give us information about where we can improve what we do. We want to make quality decisions that impact children for their whole lives and set ourselves up as the agency that cares for children best.


  • We will assist you with filing applications to Malawian Immigration offices.
  • We can assist you with finding appropriate housing and getting medical treatment.
  • We will provide you with an Employment Manual as well as a job description explaining the role and responsibilities of the volunteer, and review that job description with you when necessary.
  • We will identify the local (KINDLE) staff member who will be your direct supervisor.
  • We will pay for all project expenses relating to KINDLE operations.
  • We will maintain contact and communication with you as a volunteer.

**Opportunity Available starting January 2016