Expat Youth Pastor

Date: May 3, 2016 Category: ,

Destination:  Asia

Host Name: Unlisted

Cost Per Month: $2000 plus flights

Ministry Type: Youth Pastor

Duration: 12+ months

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The Cause:

There is a large international community that resides in this city within Sino-Asia. There is a youth group that needs a leader! The youth group of the city has been around for over ten years and works independently of any of the international fellowships.  There are over 100 youth in the city from grade 6-12, most of whom are MK’s, but a growing number of non-believing students attend. These students are in the city due to parents engaging business in the area. The youth group also runs a youth conference every year that has over 150 youth attend.

The Task:

The youth leader serves the international youth, grades 6-12, of the city by working with parents and other leaders to foster community, providing opportunities for spiritual growth among the students, and helping to train them in how to live out their faith.  Since this community is very diverse theologically and culturally, the youth leader will be working to unite the group and allow the youth to explore their differences theologically.  Meeting with the youth, mentoring and discipling them as well as building relationship with their parents will be paramount to the success of this position.

Prior youth leadership experience and theological training will be an asset.


  • In addition to the small salary offered by the employer, some fundraising will be required.
  • Assistance to find housing and/or share housing.
  • Assistance in meeting visa requirements and providing counsel and support
  • Opportunity to learn a local language and experience culture
  • Vacation
  • Opportunity to connect with faith communities within the restricted context.
  • Parents and other volunteer youth leaders are available to assist and share the load of responsibility.
  • Opportunity to join a regional retreat to connect with other workers in the area.

The ideal candidate will be able to commit at least 1 year.