English Tutor

Date: December 20, 2013 Category: ,

Destination: Guatemala

Host Name: Edna Estrada

Cost Per Month: $1000 (estimated) plus flights

Ministry Type: English Tutor

Duration: 1-2 months

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Help students succeed by tutoring them in English.

A TESL certificate is helpful but not mandatory. Converstional English and Relationship Building skills are most needed.

Tutoring will help students advance further in their understanding of English and therefore enhance their opportunities upon graduating from the Business School in Guatemala City. You will help stop the cycle of poverty in individual lives, help young people find an avenue to successful living and open the doors for entrepreneurialism. Volunteers should join us because through them, lives are being transformed in our school, society is being shaped and individuals are being released to engage their God-given dreams.

You will be hosted by a Guatemalan national under the direction of Regional Director, James Guskjolen and Global Worker, Hector Aragon.

Volunteers will be offered emotional support, a place to stay on site, and a classroom where the tutoring can take place.