Heads-Up, Hands-On Therapist

Date: November 4, 2014 Category: ,

Destination: Malawi

Host Name: Kathy Bowler / Children of Blessing Trust

Cost Per Month: $1200 plus flights

Ministry Type: Therapist for Special Needs

Duration: 4-12 months

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The Cause:

Kids with disabilities and their families suffer a lot of stigma and discrimination within their homes, families and communities. We wish to offer them love, hope, encouragement, acceptance and teach them about the love of Jesus. We also want to offer tangible assistance in terms of rehabilitation, preschool and special education, nutrition rehabilitation, provision of specialized equipment, access to orthopaedic surgery and epilepsy medication…..

The Task:

Be the hands and feet of Jesus to kids with disabilities and their families. This includes love, encouragement, support, rehabilitation services, preschool services, special education classes, special clinics such as Epilepsy and Orthopaedic Clinics.

We are looking for skilled workers who can come in and provide services we either do not have the manpower for or the funding for. For example there are no Malawian Speech Therapist in the country and only 1 expatriate Speech Therapist. There are only 10 Occupational Therapists in Malawi. Either of these Health Professionals as well as a Physiotherapist would make a huge contribution to our work. We see between 75 and 150 children with disabilities everyday. The need is overwhelming and any one of these health professionals would make an amazing contribution to the work that we do.


  • help the volunteer source a place to stay
  • orient the volunteer to Lilongwe and to their work at Children of Blessing Trust
  • help the volunteer to learn basic Chichewa
  • provide emotional support and encouragement.

Volunteers can come any time in the year EXCEPT for arriving between Early November and Early January