What to Expect Without Expectations

The days before my departure for Lima were strange, to say the least. I made it my point to leave without any expectations... I neither wanted to put boundaries on how fast and how far God would move in my life and time of ministry during my time in Lima, nor did I want to narrow my scope for what ministry would look like with the Peruvians. It is one thing to maintain a level of expectation, and another thing alltogether to confine your own experience on the mission field to simply achieving or failing certain levels and expectations.
My final days in Canada were spent in prayer and emptying what was left of my Canadian identity so that I could fully embrace a South American identity. This was going to be an expereince of a lifetime-that I was sure of. What it would look like-that would be a challenge that would redefine my perspective on missions altogether...
or would it.
Soon I would be breathing Peruvian air, eating Peruvian food and feeling Peruvian soil beneath my feet. How would my body respond to the sudden change in pace, food, and lifestyle? As I boarded the 747 on my way to my only stopover, I took my seat, strapped on my seat belt and prepared myself for an adventure of a lifetime as I ascended through the clouds to cruising altitude on my way to a moment of redefinition. Of one thing I was certain...
God would move in amazing ways over these next five months.


Originally posted to Facing the Mirror Inward