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  • Working with Mark at the STM Network has made a significant difference in the vision, planning, and formation of our missions trip as well as our missions philosophy at our church. This process offered so much more than administrative planning - it encouraged me to look deeper into the fabric of our church to better understand who we are and what ‘missions’ looks like for our ministry. This journey would never have been the same without the blessing of the STM Network’s support!  
    Corey Parrish. Associate Pastor New Sudbury Church, ON
    Corey Parish - Pastor in New Sudbury, Ontario
  • Initially I was hesitant hiring the services of STM Network to help me plan my international missions trip. At the time, I was already working for 5 years as a full time youth worker and felt pressure that I was supposed to know how to lead a team of teenagers on a missions trip. Using the Best Prep Kit was a LIFESAVER! It not only shaved off dozens of hours off of prep work, but I felt my team was more prepared and ready to rock than when I created the materials myself. I especially enjoyed the fact that it just wasn’t more paper curriculum, but instead Mark and I Skyped every week which helped me feel support and better understand the material. I’d recommend this to any youth worker (or church leader for that matter) who is planning on taking a team to an international missions destination!
    Ken McIntyre. Youth Pastor at Beddington Church. Calgary, AB
  • I had a GREAT experience with the STM Network's mission volunteer process! I thought the support was fantastic and felt that it was very beneficial, and have and will continue to tell people about it, and encourage them to go the STM Network route. Matt was a great facilitator and made this process easy.
    Jessica Randell - Mission Volunteer to Senegal
  • Do we really need to go through all of this training!?  I found out we really do, thanks very much!
    Paola Giangrosso volunteered with her family in El Salvador 2013
  • Because I was already living in Thailand for two years before starting the MTM training program, I was curious to see if it would still be helpful to me, or more like just "going through the motions." It turns out it was an invaluable process, forcing me to articulate thoughts, feelings and reactions to my experiences, and also to identify areas I can still improve on. ... and it was a lot of fun! :D
    Jessica Pellowe - STM Network Volunteer to Thailand
  • This training made my trip for me. Learning and being challenged to open up my world view has changed me forever, for the better. I'd love to just go through it every year with or without an upcoming trip!
    Natalie Latham - STM Network Volunteer to Uganda

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